Our Team

Petra Ringrose
Petra is one of the founders of Access EU. As a President of the Executive Board and a Managing Director she is responsible for overall strategic development of the EEIG as well as for the management of our organization. With more than 15 years of experience in the EU Public Affairs she leads the Brussels operations and facilitates the contact with the EU institutions. 
Ondřej Šlouf
Ondřej is one of the founders of Access EU. As an Executive Director of the EEIG he is responsible for strategic planning and operations as well as client and project acquisition and direct communication with our members. He leads the Prague and the Czech Republic operations. He is a Public Affairs and lobbying  expert with many years of experience in international environment.
Martin Brummel
Martin is one of the founders of Access EU, as a Vice President of the Executive Board of the  EEIG he is responsible for the strategic development of our organisation and client and project acquisition. Martin has many years of experience in the media and ICT sector. He has successfully led several media campaigns, among his other activities belong cybersecurity solutions.
Martina Karkulíková
Martina holds a position of a Consultant responsible mainly for the area of regional development policy. She is based in our Brussels office but regularly travels between Brussels and Prague in order to ensure a smooth exchange of information and communication flow between our members and their Brussels counterparts. She prepares and organises contacts of our members and clients with the EU Institutions and manages our events and monitoring activities. 
Hana Martínková
Hana holds a position of a Consultant responsible for facilitating interests of Access EU and its partners and clients in the Czech Republic. She is based in our Prague office where she manages communication with the Czech private as well as public bodies. She manages projects with EU outreach and provides expertise on EU funding opportunities.