Interest Representation
An overall  long term positioning  and influence building related to the interests of our members and clients and to the agreed  strategic  objective.
Ongoing  strategic  advice  on alliance-building  tactics  related  to the relevant policy debates, which enable our members and clients to choose the right approach in pursuing their cause and ensure  their presence during the decision making processes in the long term perspective.

Strategic Communication
Forming a narrative with key messages and proof points that enable  discussions to the issues of immediate concern  as well as to the issues that require long term planning and solutions.
Developing a Strategic Communication Toolbox comprising key communication tools such as relevant presentations, facts  and figures, reports and position papers.

Mapping and targeting of all the relevant EU policy-makers and third parties, which includes all the relevant DGs  in the Commission but also representatives from other EU institutions (the  European  Parliament,  Council  of  Ministers, Committee of the Regions and Economic and Social Committee)  and  organizations  (businesses, NGOs, think-tanks and the media).
Monitoring of all the relevant developments and trends in the relevant EU policies.

Intelligence Gathering

Reports and Analysis
Preparing regular monthly monitoring reports to the topics and areas of interest  of our members and clients.
Highlighting the most important development trends and pointing out the new issues.
Processing analysis of information from high level intelligence gathering.
Writing situation analysis and benchmarking studies to the topics chosen by our members and clients.

Event Management
Organizing own events as well as events for our clients such as seminars, workshops, debates and study trips designed to help position our members or clients on relevant topics in a positive and constructive light.
Being involved in  other  EU debates.

We organize the most successful social event of the Czech comunity in Brussels, the Czech Ball Brussels.