About Us

Our mission declares our purpose as a European Economic Interest Grouping and serves as a standard against which we measure our decisions and actions.
  • provide our members, partners and clients with a top level knowledge of the EU policies in the areas of their interest
  • find synergies between the interests of our members, partners and clients and the EU policies and programmes
  • asses political as well as economic situation at the EU level  and form strategic recommendations for our members, partners and clients
  • create and sustain a competitive advantage of our members, partners and clients on the European and International markets
  • respond to the immediate needs of our members, partners and clients
  • put in place long term strategies of our members.

We want to become the EEIG of choice for every private and public sector organisation which wants to make its footprint in Brussels.

Our values serve as a guideline of our actions and describe how we act at the EU level and interact with other EU stakeholders.

  • Integrity: we demonstrate commitment to integrity and ethics
  • Professionalism: our Members profit from each others´ professional experience
  • Reliability: it is our priority to provide our services in the highest quality and in due time
  • Communication: both our Members and their partners are continuously informed about latest developments in the EU strategies, which provides basis for further co-operation
  • Success: we achieve our goals and goals of our Members

We are registered in the Transparency Register.

Access EU! - EEIG has a management structure of a European Economic Interest Grouping.

The General Assembly is composed of all the members of the Grouping. The associate members have a statute of observes with no voting rights. 

The Executive Board is composed of thefollowing members, who are elected for three (3) years:

  • the "President", who presides the meetings of the General Assembly and the executive Board
  • the "Vice-President" who shall chair all meetings in the absence of the President
  • the"Secretariat General" represented by one of its Executive Directors

The Executive Board takes all necessary steps and makes all decisions for the attainment of the goals of the Grouping. The Grouping is represented by its President for judicial and extra-judicial acts.

The Secretariat General is in charge of the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Grouping and represents the Grouping vis-à-vis third parties. The Secretariat General is composed by two Executive Directors. Each of the Executive Directors is authorised to independently represent the Grouping.

Executive Directors are appointed and can be revoked by the Executive Board on the basis of two thirds (2/3) majority of votes. Executive Director can be revoked only in case of violating the Statutes and Internal Regulations of the Grouping or if acting against the interest of the Grouping.